DirtmagIQ is the latest product from Altecnic to be added to the Dirtmag® range

Designed to help professionals with effective dirt separation and extraction from heating and chiller systems.

The Dirtmag® range comprises:

Dirtmag® (Vertical)

Designed for specifically installation on vertical pipework.

Dirtmag® (Horizontal)

Designed for specifically installation on horizontal pipework.

Dirtmag® (Horizontal) with insulation cover

Designed specifically for installation on horizontal pipework and supplied with a bespoke insulation cover to reduce heat loss and save energy.

Construction Details

Component Material Grade
Body Brass BS EN 12165 CB753S
Dirt Collection Chamber Brass BS EN 12165 CW617N
Top Plug Brass BS EN 12164 CW614N
Blowdown Valve Brass BS EN 12165 CW614N
Fire Resistance class B2 (DIN 4102)
For more technical data and details on the complete Dirtmag® range please download our technical brochure.


  • Dirt separators operate by a combination of physical principles.
  • The internal element (1) is constructed to form a radial net shaped element.
  • Debris in the water strikes the element, causing it to drop to the bottom of the body (3).
  • The larger internal volume of the Dirtmag®, compared with the area of the pipe, reduces the velocity of flow and with the aid of gravity and the magnetic element (2) helps to collect the debris.
  • The collected debris can be discharge from the dirt separator whilst the system is in operation by opening the blow down valve (4) and flushing through the debris.
  • The flow can be bi-directional though the Dirtmag®.