Dirtmag IQ is the latest smart solution for dirt and air separation from Altecnic


The DirtMag IQ™ separator chamber is manufactured from glass fibre reinforced polyamide 66 with a high density polyethylene internal filter element and external magnet.

The neodymium magnets are externally positioned around the body and below the flow line for maximum collection of ferrous particles.

The conventional method is to position a magnet inside the collection chamber but the DirtmagIQ™ has powerful magnets positioned externally around the chamber enabling simple and effective servicing.

The rotational brass body enables DirtMag IQ™ to be installed onto pipe work either horizontally or vertically, pipe work connection is via compression coupling complying with BS EN 1252-2 for use with R250 (half hard) copper tube.

Incorporating a unique rotational brass ¾” Discharge valve and manual air vent DirtMag IQ comes with a full 2 year guarantee.

Product Code Size Connections
545302 22 mm comp. x comp.
545303 28 mm comp. x comp.


The following instructions must be read and understood before installing and maintaining the product. The symbol means: CAUTION! Failure to follow these instructions could result in a safety hazard!


The safety instructions provided in the specific document supplied must be observed. The symbol on the removable ring indicates that magnets are present, generating a strong magnetic field which could damage any electronic appliances in the vicinity.

Construction Details

Component Material Grade
Body Tee Brass BS EN 1982 CB753S
Dirt Collection Chamber Polyamide 66 PA 66 GF 30
Dirt Chamber Cover Polyamide 66 PA 66 GF 30
Internal Element Polyethylene HDPE
Union Nut Brass BS EN 12420 CW617N
Air Vent Brass BS EN 12164 CW614N
Blowdown Valve Brass BS EN 12165 CW614N

Technical Data

Medium water glycol solution
Maximum percentage of glycol 30%
Maximum working pressure 3 bar
Temperature range 0 to 90°C
Minimum particle size 5 μm


Prod Code 545302 545303
A 22 28
B 115 117
C 87.5 87.5
D 238 238
E 173 173
F 84 84
kg 2.15 2.15


DirtMag IQ Flowchart
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Code Description
ALT-DM37322 22mm Isolation Valves (Pair)
ALT-DM37328 28mm Isolation Valves (Pair)
ALT-DM1MHOSE Discharge Hose

Dirtmag Valves & Hose