Installing new Dirtmag IQ couldn’t be easier.

Installing Dirtmag IQ couldn’t be easier as it can be fitted either horizontally or vertically and so used on pipe work in any configuration. Dirtmag IQ can also be installed on either flow or return for added flexibility; it is recommend that installation is on the return for maximum boiler protection.

Dirtmag IQ is supplied with its own tightening tool as well as a pre-compressed washer and slip coupling that ensures the unit is both easy to install and offers a tight seal.

Full installation instructions can be downloaded here or watch our video

Existing Pipework

Installation - Existing Pipework
Please read these instruction before commencing installation to ensure the correct fitting position is selected and sufficient space and access is available for flushing and any future maintenance.

If fitting into existing pipework cut out a section of pipe as shown, 69mm for the 22mm size and 72mm for the 28mm size DirtmagIQ™. Using the compression nuts and olives provide install the DirtmagIQ™ into the pipework and make two water tight joints.

Flow Direction

Installation - Flow Direction
Ensure the direction of flow is in the same direction as the direction arrow on the brass body. The blow down valve must be vertically below the body as shown

Horizontal/Inclined Pipework

Installation - Horizontal/Inclined Pipework
For horizontal or inclined pipework, loosen the union nut using the tool provided and rotate the dirt collection chamber until it is vertical. Re-tighten the joint to make a water tight seal, do not over tighten the union nut.

Air Release Valve

Installation - Air Release Valve
Open the air release valve using a suitably sized screw driver and fill the system with water. Once water starts to escapes close the air release valve. After the system has been running for several hours release any trapped air which may have collected using the air release valve.

Position and Orientation

Installation - Position and Orientation
The diagrams show where the DirtmagIQ™ should be installed which is on the return to the boiler or chiller.

Planned Maintenance - Debris

Installation - Planned Maintenance - Debris
As part of a planned maintenance programme the following procedure needs to be conducted to ensure that the DirtmagIQ™ dirt separator continues to operate efficiently. Maintenance should only be carried out with the system COLD.

Debris which has been collected by the DirtmagIQ™ needs to be removed using the blow down valve. Unclip the magnet and completely remove it from the collection chamber.

Blow Down Valve

Installation - Blow Down Valve
Unscrew the blank cap and fit the hose outlet which is provided.
The liquid removed from the system during flushing should be collected in a suitable container to prevent water damage or using a hose directed to a suitable drain.
Using the operating key which is part of the blank cap, open the blow down valve and run off water until it looks clean.
Close the blow down valve and refit the blank cap.


Installation - Troubleshooting
After the initial flushing of the system or if the performance of the DirtmagIQ™ has deteriorated, the cap on top of the collection chamber should be removed using the tool for the union joint and the element removed.
Isolate the DirtmagIQ™ before commencing.
Flush the element thoroughly with clean water, if any damage is visible replace the element with a new one.
Inspect inside the collection chamber for debris and flush away.
Inspect the cap ‘O’ ring for signs of damage can replace if necessary.
Re-assemble, open isolation valves to allow the DirtmagIQ™ to fill with water and finally release any trapped air using the air release valve.