Dirtmag IQ works by separating trapped particles down to 0.05 microns in size using unique DirtSep and Magbelt technology.

Modern heating and chiller systems contain many small valves and seats that rely on a clean system to work efficiently. If dirt particles enter a system they can cause erosion and damage to the boiler, circulating pump, control valves as well is pipe joints.

Debris may enter the system during installation, as a result of radiator corrosion or via water introduced into a system. DirtMag IQ is the smart way to remove magnetic, non magnetic dirt particles down to 0.05 microns in size and air.

The smart choice for dirt and air separation new Dirtmag IQ helps get rid of unwanted:

Magnetic Particles

High quality neodymium magnets held externally within the Magbelt and positioned around the area of least pressure efficiently capture magnetic particles. Removal of these particles requires no isolation as the external Magbelt is easily removed; fast and efficient cleansing is through a unique rotational 3/4” full bore brass drain off valve.


Non Magnetic Particles

The unique and smart design of the DirtSep maximizes dirt particle separation.



DirtMag IQ features a built in manual air valve that ensures any air, a cause of system erosion which may be trapped within the DirtMag IQ body can be easily vented from IQ.

DirtMag IQ™ with built in air valve