Dirtmag IQ has been specifically designed to help installers.

Dirtmag IQ draws on all the experience and technical expertise of Caleffi when it comes to producing installer friendly solutions. The key installer benefits of new Dirtmag IQ include:

Triple Separation

Magnetic Dirt

High quality neodymium magnets positioned externally within the Magbelt and around the area of low pressure efficiently capture and trap any magnetic particles. Removal of these particles requires no need for isolation as the external Magbelt is easily removed; debris discharge is through a unique rotational 3/4” brass full bore valve.


Non Magnetic Dirt

Our unique internal DirtSep features a smart design that maximizes dirt particle separation.



Dirtmag IQ features a built in air valve that ensures any air in a system is collected and can be easily vented from the unit.

DirtMag IQ™ with built in air valve

Easy To install

Dirtmag IQ easily fitted verically or horizontally

DirtMag IQ’s smart design allows it to be fitted either horizontally or vertically onto pipe work in any configuration. It can also be installed on either flow or return for added flexibility.

Other smart features to help installation include a slip coupling built into the brass body and in the direction of flow indicator. A pre-compressed washer ensures the tight seal connection between brass and composite materials. Connection onto both 22mm and 28mm pipe work is made through European standard brass couplings ensuring robust connection to pipe work. Each DirtMag IQ is supplied with a high quality bespoke reusable tightening tool to further enhance the installation process.

Simple Non Isolation Servicing

Serviced without any need for isolation
Debris is simple to remove without isolation by removing the external Magbelt and opening the 3/4’ full bore discharge valve. A one meter discharge hose is also available to support servicing in tight and awkward spaces.


Kv (m³/h)
Ø22 Ø28
9.5 10.6

Dirtmag IQ combines the triple separation system with a high KV to give highly effecient separation of both magnetic and non magnetic debris. If inhibitors need to be added the air vent provides easy access as a dosing point.

Compact and Lightweight

Dirtmag IQ easily fitted verically or horizontally
Manufactured from European brass and composite materials in Caleffi’s European factories, Dirtmag IQ is durable, lightweight and compact. Its size and PCT international pending design makes DirtMag easy to fit in areas where space is limited, lightweight design means it will not stress, bend or damage to pipe work.

Quality and Reliability

Dirtmag IQ is designed, engineered and manufactured by Caleffi to the highest possible standard and comes with a full 2 year guarantee.

Manufacturers of Dirtmag IQ
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